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FUTURELAX: the complete relaxation in water
Futurelax Sunlight  
If the complete relaxation in water is not guaranteed by the common whirlpool sessions, Futurelax is the solution: it is the massage in water that adapts to the physical conformation and the particular needs of each guest.

In order to have this comfortable hydromassage it is needed a minimum space of 2m x 1m inside a swimming pool or a SPA with a water height of approximately 0.85m.

Futurelax is an innovative system of relaxation in water in which the user decides at will the most comfortable position, the areas of massage and the massage intensity in the various zones. The system includes a movable frame for the best comfort, a moving system, an electrical and a mechanical plant. The frame with a modern and elegant design is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel and consists of a flanged base for the fixing to the tank bottom, a footrest structure, a seat and a backrest. The junctions between the various parts of the frame are made so as to convey the air flow necessary for the massage in the areas desired by the user.

So, there are not ducts at sight but they are incorporated inside the frame, and they have been provided all the necessary doors for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of each area included the most difficult to be accessed thus to ensure the maximum hygiene.

The upper part of the frame, the one in contact with the person, can be customized by both the shape and the use of different materials (plexiglass, wood, steel, etc. ..) that provide performance over time also in chlorinated water. The position of the holes for the air pressure outlet, which generates the massage, is studied in order to homogenize along the whole body the relaxing and draining effect of the hydromassage in all positions.

Depending on the material type chosen for the surface finishing and the context in which it will be positioned, Futurelax can be equipped with a RGB lighting system that allows to have, in addition to a significant energy savings, the ability to create suggestive scenarios, store and recall them at will by the host of the SPA.

Futurelax can also be equipped with a completely invisible audio system that does not require the installation of any kind of speakers, but only of transducers which generate an acoustic vibration, in this way they allow the materials to which are in contact to vibrate just like a big speaker.

The moving system allows the user to reach each position between the two limit positions: the chair position (with the backrest almost 90° respect to the seat) and the bed position (with the backrest almost completely immersed in water except the headrest because the user must keep the head out of the water during the massage).

The footrest can move independently from the other areas. The countless adjustments make Futurelax a very flexible system, suitable for different people, of any age and weight. Futurelax can be managed and controlled by touch panel or waterproof remote control.

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