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Master Management Pool



Aquatronic is an innovative computerized system of pools management (both public and private) that integrates the automatic control of the whole pool.

The functions it manages are:

filtration process;
energy control of the pumps;
water loading;
water games: whirlpools, geysers, neck showers, etc;
lighting management, including RGB lights;
alarm management and reporting;
foot-washer management;
monitoring of the submerged pump state;
optimization of the water load;
energy load balancing.

Aquatronic is managed in a very simple and intuitive way by a touch panel through which you can adjust the parameters and check that everything is working correctly. With Aquatronic any pool can be transformed into a true intelligent system, able to self-manage and self-regulate according to specific needs.
The whole system is intended to the benefit of comfort in the tank ensuring a high quality and clarity of the water in compliance with the rules.
Besides the advantage of not having to directly operate the maintenance, Aquatronic guarantees a considerable energy saving, quantifiable with a decrease guaranteed from a minimum of 25% up to 65%, depending on the type of swimming pool.

To underline the possibility, through the web, to manage even remotely the system from anywhere enabled device.

Energy Saving



  Depending on the type of swimming pool energy saving varies from 25% up to 65% compared to a traditional system.

Aquatronic allows to maximize the energy efficiency compared to a traditional system (with the same power installed) thanks to an intelligent control of the filtration pumps as a function of the pool water quality.

Energy saving up to 65%

The graph shows the savings achieved by comparing the consumption between a conventional system and the Aquatronic system.

* The results shown in the graphs are taken from a real case, initially equipped with a traditional system and subsequently replaced by the Aquatronic system.

TCO - Total Cost Ownership

The TCO (Total Cost Ownership) is a significant parameter that indicates the sum of all costs supported for installation, operation and maintenance of the plant. As you can see from the graph, after the initial investment, the system allows an average annual cost for maintaining the pool significantly lower than a traditional system.
The lower average annual cost is given, in addition to the energy savings, even by a reduced consumption to the minimum of replacement water and chemicals.
Water saving also causes a significant economic advantage in heating costs.

Aquatronic reduces component wear, increasing their average life, thus justifying the reduction of maintenance costs.
More benefits, both on costs and on comfort, results from the optimization of the water supply and the load balancing of energy.
The optimization of the load water avoids to subtract water resources to other users in the hours of greatest use.

On average within 3 years it is reached the breakeven point beyond which there is a steady increase in the economic advantage achieved by the use of the Aquatronic system.

Remote Control

Aquatronic system by using the latest technologies on the market, allows to monitor and manage your system remotely via smartphones, tablets and PCs.
The end customer can easily manage their pool from home or any other place, through a simple and intuitive graphical interface.
The remote control also allows the maintenance technician to monitor the status of operation of the system both to perform periodic controls and to perform a fast preliminary diagnosis in case of anomalies signaling.

Aquatronic is fully integrated with processors of Crestron, which is the worldwide leader in the Home & Building Automation.

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